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2 years ago

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Hello, if you've read my other stories, girlsonstickam then you know that I am a married bi -TV, which is just another night with girlsonstickam my wife to her surprise. My wife has chatted online with a man girlsonstickam near our area for months, on Monday night came I ( Lynne), as usual, dressed, my wife told me, dressed as a naughty school girl so I stayed in my shirt tie very short skirt, black stockings, garters, stockings with white lace, my wife applied the makeup on my wig in the application of the braids with a white ribbon. the law, he said, you get your coat, I suppose, and I felt different emotions. drove a quiet place like always, my wife stopped the car, I take my coat to be ordained, I did that, they went without telling me where to find it, she has never done, girlsonstickam I was a little nervous, to say the least, when I left, I was overwhelmed at the entrances to prevent seen in car headlights. I've been for about 10 minutes on foot girlsonstickam when a car came up, who has seen me dive more in a way, but this time the car stopped in the street, he called my name, he said, Lynne, I know you are coming now to get in the car, told me that he arranged with my wife, that he picked me up on the road, he said, had spoken on the line for a while that my wife had told him all about Lynne. had no choice but to accept his offer of a lift heading down the road, in the end I said bring girlsonstickam me home to my wife, I asked him what he meant ? He smiled, saying only that I can do, I understand, to be quiet. Finally, we entered the forest, he told me outside the car with him, we went deeper into the forest, his hand was on the back of my underwear all the time I saw a dim light, as that went into the forest floor, as we are, you turned kissed me passionately on the lips, his hands caressing my ass under my skirt, called someone, saw the two men coI was behind the bushes, i so nervous as girlsonstickam hell, not knowing what was happening, the man who accompanied me to bend over, I had no choice but to obey, I felt hands slowly pulled my panties in the then I moved in with a cock, my mouth was found with a cock in each hand, i frantically masturbated two other valves, whos the man behind me was sucking cock i suck, I saw him rub lubricant on my bare ass now felt, then felt his hard cock into me slowly, still jerks two cocks i for the third man was fucked up, pushed faster faster, which became so now I did not care, my cock was so hard now, I felt the cock in my ass to be removed then felt a jet of hot cum all over my bare ass then went to my forehead, but was one of the other to replace my ass, I sucked clean of semen, others masturbate all the time the third man girlsonstickam was fucking me next, he moved back with my bare Bottome sucks him back to clean, while the third Fu Mancked me too, until I cum in my ass licked. The other two men, thanks to the left, the friend of my wife told me that Internet schoolskirt I giving, what I did, I stood there in just my stockings, suspenders, a shirt with school tie, we went through the forest, he took girlsonstickam me by my cock HLED pulled all the way, the most difficult, because I could not get a straw in his car he was driving, I said girlsonstickam take me to home now, but the long way, Lynne, for in his state of dress would be a little more. Back home, my wife sits and waits, looked beautiful, wearing PVC boots, to show him my semen had soaked soil. the three of us sat on the couch, put my wife said she has seen a video for me, I was surprised to see that my wife had everything going VIDEOB in the forest. said girlsonstickam he could take the watck while her boyfriend while fucking my wife when both aschool girl very dirty, then told me to masturbate while I watched. told them I was willi
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